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Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through ancient competitions spread across a vast, mystical purgatory. Who shall return to glory, and who shall remain in exile to the end of their days? 

***macOS users please make sure to move the Pyre Application from your Download folder to your Application folder if you're experiencing any issues on boot.***

Key Features:

  • A New World From the Creators of Bastion and Transistor

    Experience the biggest and most imaginative world yet from Supergiant! Get to know an ensemble cast of characters struggling to earn back their freedom as you make your way across the forsaken land called the Downside.

  • Action-Packed Three-on-Three Battle System

    Battle against a colorful cast of adversaries in pitched, high-stakes confrontations where each victory (or defeat!) brings your exiles closer to enlightenment. Choose three from your party for each Rite, and outfit them with mystic Talismans and powerful Masteries.

  • A Branching Story with No Game-Over

    In Pyre, you will never be forced to lose progress. Whether you prevail or you fail, your journey continues. The interactive narrative is expressed through a story that no two players will experience in quite the same way.

  • Challenge a Friend in Versus Mode

    On top of the single-player campaign, Pyre features a local two-player Versus Mode, where you can play against a friend (or CPU opponent) in one of the game's fast-paced ritual showdowns. Form your triumvirate from more than 20 unique characters.

  • Rich, Atmospheric Presentation

    Pyre once again showcases the award-winning talents of the team that created Bastion and Transistor. From the vibrant hand-painted artwork to the evocative musical score, every aspect of Pyre's presentation draws you into its fantasy world.

  • Accessible, Customizable Controls and 4K Ultra HD Graphics!

    Play with gamepad or mouse-and-keyboard using fully customizable controls custom-tailored to PC. The game offers a highly scalable challenge both in the campaign and Versus Mode. Experience it all in stunning 4K resolution (compatible display required)!

  • Unlock 'True Nightwing' Campaign Mode After Finishing the Story

    Complete the Campaign, then go at it once more, 'ironman'-style, with a unique set of rules, higher stakes, and greater challenge! Explore Pyre's wide breadth of narrative outcomes as you re-play the story.


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

pyre-win.zip 6 GB
Version 3
pyre-osx.zip 4 GB
Version 4
pyre-linux.zip 6 GB
Version 3


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Thanks, Supergiant, for contributing Pyre the itch.io bundle for racial justice! 

I had a lovely time playing Pyre and an equally fun time writing about it. 



Me before noting the developer: Hmm, the graphics look a lot like Hades...

Me after noticing the developer: !!!!!!!!!!!!!


It crashes constantly on my Macbook Air after awhile of playing... can anyone help?


I acquired this game but once i download and open the game, I encounter a problem lounching the game, telling me that the very folder i opened the game in does not exist...


since i have 2 har disck in my pc i trtied installing in D instead of C and now it works


I've downloaded the Windows zip file several times now and each time I try to extract it tells me there are errors and the GUI.pkg is corrupt. Is anyone else having this issue? 

Same thing for me. Tried downloading from Edge (ew) and extracting with WinRAR instead of just windows cause I'd seen some google things about that. Nothing's working. The game opens, but it's not playable without the GUI.pkg file, I assume.

Have either of you tried downloading via the Itch app yet? Though, the zips should also work...You might try asking them via their Discord or tweeting them.

I'll give them a poke over on the Discord for you & let'em know folks are having issues tho.

Just tried to use the app and got this error "flate: corrupt input before offset 21938919" It did let me send a report so hopefully someone sees it. Thanks for posting on the Supergiant discord for me.


Supergiant Games does it again. You always know what you are going to get from them - a fun original game with great soundtrack and Linux support. Very nice of them to gift this to the bundle for racial equality. I enjoyed this game a great deal. 


"Headers Error" when trying to extract the Windows ZIP with 7-ZIP. What's going on here?


Linux version wouldn't run without a minor update to the shell script to launch it.

Have to add an export statement:


export TERM=xterm

if [ "$ARCH" == "x86_64" ]; then

This was found on the GoG forums: https://www.gog.com/forum/pyre/you_may_have_trouble_running_this_from_the_termin...

Hi, that was not enough for me on Ubuntu 20.04. I also needed to install libopenall but now it works :-D

sudo apt-get install libopenal1

see: https://www.gog.com/forum/pyre/fatal_exception_during_launch_on_ubuntu_1804


10/10 game.  Gorgeous art and game design, super fun and well-balanced battle system, and an engaging storyline that really got me invested in my party and our goal!  


hey i need some help, the game can't seem to recognize my controller (i'm using xbox 360) does anyone have a solution to this?

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This game is for real, one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life (gamer for over 20 years now), let me tell you why.

# Art & Design

Truly beautiful! Every little detail is worked to the maximum. From a small glimmer on the characters' eyes, to the absolutely gorgeous maps. This game presents to you mini art pieces. If you like beautiful games, this is the one for you.

Absolutely stunning!

# Characters

Each character has its own backstory that, alongside other parts of the lore, are discovered by you as the game goes by. However, even before learning about the unjust causes for which they were thrown into exile, you are already connected to each one of them.

More than this, you learn how even the villains have their reasons and you end up emphasising with them.

# Lore

At each step of your quest, you unlock a few pages from The Book of Rites, learning more and more about the past and present. At each such step, it feels like a small achievement. I have read each single page of the book and I simply loved the tale of the Scribes.

Each of the 8 scribes were united together in exile and created the Rites for the seek of freedom. They gave their freedom so that other exiles could have a chance of being free. Each scribe also killed a titan. Landmarks mark the location of such feats, the same location where the Rites are conducted. Each scribe has also their own team, who fight under their respective scribe's coat of arms and values.

The most impressive thing is that the Scribes and Titans do not appear in the game, just as statues and landmarks. Despite of this, you can clearly see the history in front of you just by reading about it. Not playing the scribes story and not watching a cutscene about them do not make you feel like you are missing a part of the game.

# Playability

The gameplay is fluid and the controls are easy to grasp. If you play on normal difficulty, it will be fun, but easy. It is fast just at the right amount.

The multiple characters also introduce a nice variation to each match, changing your strategy ever so slightly. Moreover, the talents and items make a great addition to the game, making it feel like a true RPG.

# Soundtrack

I left the best for last.

The sound track makes this game a masterpiece. I do not recall a better soundtrack in all my years of gaming. At times, it seemed that Darren Korb had minutely crafted the track for my exact actions. It seemed that the soundtrack was the center of it all and everything else was built to accommodate it. I have never felt like this playing any other game before (except Guitar Hero, obviously).

The soundtrack is so good that I bought the other games (Bastion, Transistor, and Hades) just because Darren Korb is the composer for those games too. I listen to the albums while working. They're soothing and relaxing, but also uplifting. If you have read my review up to this point, stop what you are doing and listen to Pyre's soundtrack on Spotify or YouTube, you won't regret it. Listen to "Vagrant Song" right now!

The cherry on top is the credits track ("Bound Together"). I got the chills. The duo with Ashley Barrett is perfect. It tells the story of each character in such a graceful way. It's elegantly written. Seriously, it is the perfect trophy for finishing the perfect game.

Very well done, Supergiant! This is a brilliant game.

Pyre is a fantastic journey with very tense and exciting realtime tactical "sports" combat, an intriguing story and some cool choices over the course of the campaign, which affects your progress and playstyles. The art style is fantastic and compliments the characters and this weird and original mix of a colorful and dark background theme very well, its just incredbly beautiful, solemn and polished. This is definitely one of the best games in the bundle, but it also might swallow you up hole as this isnt an affair you'll be done with in a single evening. Very wholesome and worthwhile package with characters you'll remember long after the game is over and a lot of fun to be had during the matches. 5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

I'm getting a crash on launch under Windows 10:

Unable to load DLL 'lua52': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

Anyone know the fix?


Found the fix, in case anyone else has the same issue:


Anyone knows what the fix was? Can't get the thing to start.


That link used to point to a support page which was similar to this one:


for me, I remember the visual studio installation was the clincher. Hope that helps. 

Thanks for the reply! I sent a email to support with the problem right after posting here and it was actually just that lol!

The game keeps crashing on Mac OS. Can't even get past the tutorial. Disappointing.

It's working for me just fine. I'm on High Sierra though. (The last decent macos update.)


First thing I must say, I bought Pyre from the racial justice bundle and I really didn't expected they included such a game like Pyre. I wanted get this game since I finished Transistor. 

I payed lower price for the bundle and I'm now really shamed and I want to buy this game again if I could, I really respect and admire Supergiant games that created this master piece, like perfect.

World concepts and animation, text-adventure like visual novel style, Dungeon's and Dragons, point-click style, Old ways but it is really stylized!!

Thank you so much Supergiant games and I feel bad with it.


I can relate. You could always do what I did and buy the soundtrack - it's even on sale right now on Steam!

I really want to try this out but for the life of me I cannot get Pyre to start. I'm on Windows, I've tried to open as administrator. :(

Whenever i try to download the windows version it it gets to halfway and then i get a download forbidden error

I solved the problem by downloading with microsoft edge instead of google, in case anyone else has this problem.


if you are having trouble opening pyre, ie it is saying that the access is denied, right click on the pyre icon to show package contents, double click on contents, double click on windows or mac or whatever, and then scroll down until you see the exec which says pyre, and double click on that and it should open it. It is a little unconventional but it works for me

Oh hey this worked for me!!! I downloaded it to mac and trying to open directly from the game's app icon kept giving me an error message saying "access to path [ending in DebugLog.txt] is denied". When I expanded and looked through the package contents I couldn't find a DebugLog.txt, so must have been some mix-up in the code? Shmeland's tip seems to get around it so I'm just gonna ignore it for now lol-- thank you!

Deleted 2 years ago

One solutin is to add Pyre to your Steam Library, that way your gamepads configs will apply to Pyre once you rune it via Steam Launcher


Is it just me or is the pyre-linux.zip version corrupted? I've downloaded it twice, and both times I couldn't even open the zip file.


Same problem here!


It seems to be OK here.

The archive MD5 hash:

44e0fe30a9d8bcf73c4fa288dd4324ab  pyre-linux.zip

I use the command line tool unzip to extract the archive contents, with no issue to report. After the extraction, the game runs as expected.


Thanks for the feedback. I checked the md5, and it was correct. I tried unzipping it from the command line, and didn't run into any problems. The issue only occurs when I try to unzip it from within Nautilus (Mint). Thanks for the help.


Really fun and unique game!


I'm adoring Hades- so I decided to try some of the other stuff you guys have got. Looking forward to playing through this.


I downloaded the Windows version, and when I try to extract it, it is telling me I don't have enough space - that it needs 931 GB! Anyone else encountering this?

yeah not that exact amount but I can't get it to extract for shit. 9GB is supposed to be the minimum, i have much more than that free but the error comes up every time


I had the same problem, and I got around it using 7zip. Maybe try that or another third party extraction tool.


Supergiant! <3

Hey! Every time I  download this game (Mac), I get a message saying access to the path "" is denied, does anyone know how to fix this?


I am getting the same error

I am also getting the same error. I contacted supergiant support and hopefully will hear back  soon.

Deleted 3 years ago

I believe this is a different issue than that, I have done that for many of the other games, but this is not the same. Thank you for your help though!


I also got this error.    It resolved when I copied the application from the folder created in Downloads over to the Applications folder.

This solves the problem!! Thank you!!

That worked! Thanks

Also worked for me, thank you!


I love you, Supergiant Games ^^

thanks. Love the game. Also Bastion.

pretty good :)

Is the soundtrack also coming here?


For a DRM-free lossless soundtrack, the one available on Bandcamp is probably the best way to support Supergiant Games: Pyre: Original Soundtrack

It might not be obvious (you need to read the fine print to notice it), but it actually comes with the soundtrack expansions The White Lute and The Black Mandolin.


This game looks beautiful O_O


Thank you!